A Day in the life of a Blogger : Ack!

Yesterday was Steves last day on Long Island. He is now at Suny Albany doing lines off of some random frat chick. He probably is not doing that, but from the things people say about that place, I am beginning to believe anything.

My brother made the Kellenberg football team. The kid is taller than me, and he got all of the athleticism in the family. How depressing is that? Extremely depressing, however, I was blessed with the gift of gab and the ability to talk myself out of every situation.

I had 1100 hits yesterday. That looks pretty big, but compared to the numbers I was pushing last week...wait...that is pretty average. I take that back. I have about 555 as we speak, but that Kim Kardashian wrestling video will probably pull 500 hits in on its own right.

I am now going to start networking with the other popular Urban blog, Yahdigg.com. Yah Digg? Cool peoples over there running that site and funny commentary..check them out.

I visited my sisters school today. Not because I wanted to, no never that, but because my father said he would fill up my gas tank if I did.

Needless to say me and my empty tank of gas were there in no time. My sister called me grimey.I gave her this face...

I give everyone that face. O well, let me continue searching through news topics and ish. See you tom.