A Day in the life of a Blogger : Damn.

Day 2. After some good conversation with a friend of mine, I decided that I might have to move to Tumblr. Now please believe that Tumblr is weird as shit, and I have no idea how to use it.


Yes I am. As we speak I am listening to Hot Boyz Remix...I miss Nasty Nas. On the real, all you crap niggas know the deal becasue Nasty Nas was ill. I mean this proactive version we have right now is cool, but I could careless. Shit, Jay has not changed...Jockin Jay Z his a hard song. The sample from DMC goes hard and fits perfectly with the song.

Moving on, I still have not gotten my game back I stay real nigga. I will run up in your house with the keyboard.

Anyways check the new layout it is alot more unique and better than some of the other crap I had before.


Stop Jockin Jacques.

Email me @ fuzzhead035@gmail.com with thoughts, concerns, hates.