A Day In the Life of a Blogger : I Hate Niggas.

Since I am receiving about 1000 daily hits, I think it is time I can open up a new facet of the Urban Blogger. A Day In the Life. I will be doing this almost everyday. Marcus Troy already does it so props to him, but he does not really blog himself about topics like Jacques does.

O well, I will start the topic today with the line, "I Hate Niggas". Now, I am black so let us not run up in his house with the heata for droppin' the N-word.

I hate letting people "hold" things down, and not getting it back because they want it themselves. What kind of nignorance is that? I let a friend borrow NBA 2k8 so he could play it on a 360 that he was holding down. Now he is not giving the damn thing back and I am fucking peeved about it. Now I do not understand why he would not give it to him, but then again, I knows that NBA (along with Madden and GTA) are the crack of the video-game world for blacks. The same way Final Fantasy is to Asians, and Chicken Little is to whites.

I kid.

Now, Jacques is making this last statement. Give him his damn game back!



pinchable1 said...

you look constipated

Jacques Morel : The Experience said...

Thats my angry face