Music Info: Az Lost. Big Time.

Personally I would not have really cared about this, but this is practically the dynamic duo. Batman and Robin. But Batman never gets jealous of Robin, and it seems like AZ was trying to say here that Nas felt like their was competition between them. Also it says that Nas did not want to put out How Ya Livin out.

That is not a good look for AZ. O well.

As they say on the internet,

AZ lost.



Anonymous said...

Any Black man that makes it out of the projects "Lost".

Nas lost.

Anonymous said...

All millionaires LOST!!!

Anonymous said...

Rappers that are legends lost!!

Anonymous said...

LOL, lyricists lost.

Jacques Morel : The Experience said...

You lost.

Get outta here with that!!

Pshh lol