Music Info: Budden and Game Officially Make up

The other day I was one of the first to report on Game bringing Budden out at the LAX release party. Yesterday I managed to find the actual video of Budden being brought out and changing the course of Hip Hop as we know it. To close out the trilogy, today I present to you the story of how they made up.

You can find it here.

Reading the story, it seems pretty funny that Budden thought Game was just clowning him at first when he hit him up. Actually, what is funnier, the fact that he thought that, or the fact that people actually screw with him like that?

Imagine someone hitting up your phone saying, "Yo, this is Ransom!", right after you are supposed to be beefing. To be honest, I thought that Budden was "hood" like that. Seems not.

Budden Lost.