Music Info: Chris Brown? Come On Man

If you have been perusing my blog for the past few weeks you already know that Chris Brown has had a very important share in my blog. No doubt for that. Now, I understand that his record label basically controls him and he probably does not even own his own name, but is Chris Brown fucking up lately?

I was reading Ya Heard on Sohh.com and Streetz brought up an interesting point. Could Chris Brown be gay? There were a few leaked songs that were on his demo that were suspect. Since these songs were leaked Chris Brown expressed disappointment in the fact that they were leaked. I mean he does not care when pictures of him taking care of acne are leaked, but when homosexual songs are leaked...then it is a problem.

The song in question is called "Captive" and it has a really REALLY homosexual line in it.

"You coming with me boy
No need to resist
Won't be released until I'm good and finished
Can't let you leave now
So whatever whatever just won't work
I'm holding you captive"


The line is obviously suspect with the "boy" thing being in bold. However what does this mean? Why would a man with such potential to be the next Michael Jackson make homosexual songs? Streetz also pointed out his awkward relationship with Bow Wow. That has some truth also.

Another thing I noticed about Chris was quite alarming to me. Is Chris Brown making songs for money? Yea, I know that sounds idiotic, but I mean it in the way that is Chris Brown making songs because sponsors tell him to make THAT song?

If you look at the beginning of Chris Brown's video Forever he sticks a piece of gum in his mouth towards the beginning of it. Also the line, Double your pleasure double your fun is clearly evident towards the beginning of the song. NOW he makes a commercial about it. I think Wrigley paid him off for that.

Why? Forever was not even on a CD. Well a real one at least.
Here is the Wrigley commercial just incase and the Forever video is directly under it.


Cannot embed it


I have recieved a few emails telling me that he made this song for the Pussycat Dolls and he was just singing it to show them how it would have sounded. Makes sense, however, everything I wrote makes sense too...


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Anonymous said...

LOL no he's not gay, he wrote this song for the Pussycat Dolls... that's why it says "boy"...it was leaked before they put their vocals to it...it's ok I thought the same thing at first lol