Music Info: Game Says, "I Aint Runnin from Eminem He can Hop on Too!"

Ugh, it is late. It is 3 am EST, I am tired, I have to wake up to argue with VW in the AM (I am losing boost in my car) and I am hearing this nignorance in an email about Game dissing Eminem and how messed up it is that he is dissing a God. Who cares? Game is just trying to drum up hype for his album, 50 has done in 6 times, and every rapper does it. So please stop blowing up my inbox with stupid ass requests for blog subjects...when they do not really matter at all.



Word said...

Not sure what's funnier.. Game drumming up hype for his POS album or Eminem being called a God.

Hopefully all these dudes will fight to the death and we'll be left with just the one wack rapper. Plant some crack on the winner to get him out the way too, and we have a clean slate for hip hop.

Word said...

& god damn that bitch is loud and annoying.