Music Info: Lil Wayne Misses Courtdate in Arizona

My blog has more to do with Lil Wayne than the people that matter...like Hayden!

"New Orleans, Louisiana rapper Lil Wayne missed a court hearing relating to drug charges in Yuma County, Arizona yesterday (August 25). According to KYMA Channel 11, the rapper missed the scheduled court date due to an unknown medical procedure, which prevented him from making the mandatory appearance. In May of 2008, Lil Wayne pleaded not guilty to weapons and drug charges. The rapper was arrested on January 22, when federal agents seized 41 grams of ecstasy, 105 grams of marijuana and 29 grams of cocaine. Lil Wayne is due back in court in October."
That is a lot of drugs. A WHOLE lot of drugs. I cannot wait till they issue the bench warrant which will put him in jail.