Music Info: Max B Disses A Crap Load Of People. O yea, I grew a facial hair!

Max B dissed a shit load of people. In an email from loyal dickrider James B sent me this in an email.


Max B Dissed a lot of people. I do not know if you really would actually CARE but here is some quotables..

..the vigilante season is here || so buckle up
the Milli Vanilli killa || Crissy pucker up
get cha' lips wet || take ya dentures out
let me fill the gums || my dvd's be in slums..

..seen 'em on youtube swappin' spit || what the fu*k is that
thats some homo sh*t, I noticed it || did the domain, on some promo sh*t
that ain't even one-third of the wave || I possess the fury
sensible || get you for your jewlery
ask about the boy || Ima loop yaself || played with the biscuits as a boy
and I never tried to shoot myself
nigga that, coke that you sniffin got you skimpy
come & get me, they gon' find you like Pimp C..

..she touched it in Miami, while you was doin' tracks (ballin)
she even gave me a couple bucks out ya' stash
she said it taste like pastry, what type of fruits is that
she wanna tattoo my name on her ass
them Gang Greene boys, they do the thang
how Jimmy let the game slip thru his hands..

What do you think?

Well James, I am going to tell you something that will change your life. OK?

I grew another facial hair today. I am naming it Bob. Yea I do not care about Max B at all. But if you want to listen to the diss, check it here...
Max B Disses Everyone...Then Jacques Grew a Facial Hair