Music Info: Method Man Says Music in 90's was better...

Method Man was quoted in on HipHopDX.com saying that Hip Hop was better in the 90's. Personally I think he is completely right due to how raw it was then. Beefs mattered, CD's sold, and a movement was felt. Method Man stated that you knew who each rapper was and what the represented.

Truth just radiated from this mans lips.

No homo Birdman.

"I mean, the whole Hip Hop movement. Like when Wu-Tang Clan came in, it was like regardless of where we went, people knew who we were. Or if we were in a new city, there was one person who knew who we was, and that would spread to 10 more people, and so on and so forth, up until it was, 'Oh, you ain't up on that Wu-Tang stuff? Oh you ain't down homie!'"

I wish things changed, but right now Hip Hop is about who can beat who in Madden.