Music Info: Prodigy Promises more "refined" emcee upon release

Prodigy, who is in jail for 3 years on a gun charge, released a statement, again, from jail yesterday.

“When I get back out there in the real world it’s gonna be on,” Prodigy declared. “[I’m] much better, much wiser [than before the incarceration]. It’s going down, trust me.”
He just released the second HNIC album in April from jail and now he is promising that he will be more focused when he comes out of jail. This brings an interesting thought to mind...what kind of jail is he at? Summer camp?

I mean props to the dude for "wising" up but after listening to HNIC and its mindless dribble about the Illuminati and the New World Order I find it hard to believe that this dude is anything but focused.

This post deserves a "Nignorance" tag but Prodigy already has one too many of those.