Music Info: Lil Wayne: No Homo, Just a Victim

Note: This is quite long, but if you want the truth, read it all.

Every since I was young I've listened to what I call "Dynasty Labels/Cliques," basically labels who've controlled the game at a certain time. Rocafella,Cash Money,Ruff Ryders, 3 Six Mafia, No Limit, etc you get the drift.

The first song that I ever listened to that turned me on to hiptop was 8-Ball: My Homeboys Girlfriend. Ever since then I've been hooked, and always critiqued, and analyzed hiphop from a biased view, or played Devils advocate when speaking.

Being a Psyc Major, and someone who always gives advice, I'm always looking at whats going on, which brings me to Lil Wayne.

Since C2, Wayne d*ck riders have skyrocketed. I too feel his new style, but I've always liked him in CM days. A lot with Wayne has changed since then, and I'll explain why. A very big issue with Wayne is if he is Homo or Not. While I'll want answer a yes or no, I'll say he's confused. Why he is confused, I'll start to Explain.

^^^The Moment of Clarity^^^

Lets go Back to 1997 Wayne is about 14

Album: Hotboys-Get It How U Live.
Song: On Fire

Wayne "Say ?...what kinda nigga make his tramp stay in line
and can bruise your lil' twat at the uh, same time?"

There is no "Damn Right I kissed my Daddy" "Birdman Jr" etc. He's established himself as a heterosexual.

Now Lets Skip to 1999. Lil Wayne is 16:
Album: HotBoys: Guerilla Warefare.
Song:We On Fire

"Look, what kinda nigga take a broad in the Benz to eat
Later on if he don't hit she going home on feet"
Album: HotBoys: Guerilla Warefare.
Song:I need a Hot Girl

"She a doggy wit it
She could wobbledee then she know how to money wit it
Open her legs and squeeze a nigga like she want me in it
Now turn around and back it up
Then throw it at a nigga til I say "Ooh that's enough""
Now lets looks at Tha Block his Hot, his debut album. I'll spare the quotes on this album, but I'll point to the songs: Kisha, and Drop it Likes it's Hot.
Again, seeming Heterosexual. Things are looking good for Wayne, I've yet to suspect anything, until I hear the I Got That Work.

Now it's year 2000, Y2K. Lil Wayne is 17, on his second album. At the Same Time we have the release of Big Tymers: I got that Work.

Lets First Take a look at Lights Out, I'll once again provide some quotes. But I'll point to the songs Break You Off, Grown Man, Act a Ass. The song that grabbed my attention was "Lil One" which was probably a skipped track to most. This is what caught my ears.

"[Wayne] What, what's happening with you big dog?"
There is no Daddy, Pa, none of that sh*t. Matter of fact, that brings me to my next point:

[Baby] Get your ass in this car
[Wayne] Unlock the door
[Baby] Its unlocked
[Wayne] Don't holla at me, You ain't my pa
Let alone there is no Daddy, Birdman JR sh*t. He specifically says, "You Ain't my Pa." This tells me, Baby was trying to assert his dominance over Lil Wayne, but expressed in the song, you can clearly see, Wayne is rejecting Baby's willful force.

Let me remind you, Lil Wayne father was killed. Expressed on his first album in "fu*k Tha World" you can hear his pain, and his sorrows for his real father. Thus explaining, these lines in which Baby tries to force his dominance as an older man over him by speaking to him as if he was his very own child.

What disturbs me is What Baby says. I'll bring you to: I Got That Work.

Wayne is 17, a minor, but yet on the hit single song "Number 1 Stunna" I noticed something I didn't like.
Me and my son, Wheezy, got a house by the water
I'll be fu*kin' bad bi*ches (bad bi*ches, bad bi*ches)
[Lil' Wayne]
I be hittin' they daughters
I like my d*ck sucked fast
[Lil' Wayne]
I like to play with them rookies
I like to fu*k 'em in they ass while he beat up the pus*y
Not only does Baby refer to Wayne as his son, he admits to him and Wayne having a house together, and involving in gangbangs. He states he fu*ks women in the ass(Not homo, but suspcious) while Wayne fu*ks the twat. Funny how Lil Wayne later in the year denies Birdman as his Father.

So what does this tell me? Baby is being persistent in swaying Wayne to the other side. He's forced him into gangbanging females, and he fu*ks the women in the ass. Wayne is reluctant;however, lacking a father figure, clings on to Baby to gain his acceptance, for his has no father figure. Despite that, Wayne is trying to stand on his own as a man.

I myself being made moderator of Porn, obviously have my own collection. While I find nothing wrong with fu*king a female at the same time for I've done it, I'm not fond with fu*king a chick in the ass, while a dude is fu*king her in the twat. That is too close to comfort to a male, in which genitals are touching for me. I'm sure many feel this way.

I suspect Baby is the homosexual, similar to Michael Jackson. Wayne still asserting his heterosexuality, is fu*king the women in the twat, Birdman fu*ks the ass.

It is not until C1, we hear this Birdman JR, Daddy sh*t. I won't even discuss these quotes, you guys know them too well. What I will dicuss is Birdman for a few.

I've always suspected something of Birdman. Here are some quotes:

Song: On The Rocks
"Cuz I came in this bi*ch
with my d*ck in my hand"
Song:Numba 1 Stunna
"I like to fu*k 'em in they ass while he beat up the pus*y"
Song: We Drop It
"I need it twice I'm nothin' nice when I'm slangin the d*ck
And I like it when you dikin with the whole damn clique

Next time you chillin just kissin ya chick
That funny taste in her mouth might be my d*ck

To the bi*ches in the hood this is where ya find a
d*ck slangin, pickle hangin anaconda"
What is his obsession with fu*king females with his friends. Even BG stated that Birdman tried to do that kissing sh*t with him but he wasnt havin it. In these lyrics he speaks of another man tasting his cum when he kisses his bi*ch(A Super No Homo), and the description of his d*ck is unneeded, especially when his targeted audience isn't women, it's hood niggas.

Song: Aint' Worried Bout sh*t
"Suck a nigga d*ck a die nigga"
Song: No No
"[Baby] If a nigga ain't fu*kin' his bi*ch from the back
[Wayne] They be like no, n-no, n-n-uh-no he didn't"
Again, wtf is his obsession with ass fu*king? NO HOMO.

Song: Big
"Big everything round here, Big d*cks"
I'm Sorry, but speaking about your friends, and the size of their d*ck? You can't put a no homo on that.

Either this nigga just drunk some Kool Aid(Red) before the picture or he got on lipstick.


Conclusion: Lil Wayne has been through some sh*t in his life. His father was killed at a young age. He was brought into the entertainment industry at a young age. Baby simply took advantage of that. He's Micheal Jacksons BFF. He saw the innoncent, pubescent Lil Wayne, and attacked. He forced Wayne to gangbang females with him, all he does is mention d*cks, and has forced Wayne to kiss him. Wayne needed a male role model, he's cried out in songs about it, and Baby snuck in there, and molested Lil Waynes mind, and now body.

We've been looking at the wrong person, Birdman is the culprit, he is to blame, and should be stopped. He's done this to one of my fav rappers, and it is not right. Lil Wayne is simply confused, and a victim. It's like the boy who is molested when young, and when he gets older is sexually confused, so he believes he is homosexual, or engages in slight homosexual activities. And through his harsh molesting, turns and does the same thing.

We must stop Birdman/Baby. Wayne must realize this nigga is no good, before Wayne in turns, does this to someone as a result of him being psychologically mindfu*ked by Birdman.


Taken from Loyal Reader - (He has not sent me his name yet)

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