Music Info: Trick Trick Says, "My Lil N***ga got Young Berg"

So over the weekend Young Berg was robbed of his transformers chain(as pictured). Now I did not report about this due to my impromptu absence, but it was a pretty big deal. Young Berg is a very important character people. He deserves respect.

Berg was robbed at Trick Trick's club in Detroit and Trick Trick was saying that he was not responsible for the robbery. Now, in an interview with Allhiphop, he says that one of his dudes were responsible for the robbery.

"First of all I ain't no jack n***a. I don't need to jack nann [any] n***a to get what I gotta get," Trick Trick said. "Karma's a motherf**ker so I'm not taking no n***a sh*t. I earn mine. I don't need that piece of sh*t ass aluminum foil chain the b***h had on no way."

"My lil n***ga got him. The label called and told me he wasn't coming, so I wasn't expecting him. So there ws no need for me to tell the lil homies 'aye, the n***a's straight,' because he wasn't coming. I saved that n***a life. He would probably be dead right now or in a coma if I hadn't ran over there and pushed the lil homies back so they could quit stomping this n**ga."

The reason for all of this? Young Berg's mouth.
"You cant be saying 'f*ck Trick Trick' and you don't like dark skin women," Trick said. "I was gonna school the little n***a to the ropes of the game! If you gonna take some notes, take notes from an OG. The lil homies got that trophy [the chain], I don't want that sh*t. I don't have any problems with the little n***a. I [just] don't like him."

Pure comedy. Now my loyal fan Mike C emailed me this about the whole thing,
"Yo word I'm From chicago and I really know shortie no bullshit. I,ve Been knowing the niggas since his bloodline days wit DMX. But on the real on my life this is bout shortie third or fourth time gettin rob. The nigga a sweet lick. And if u a real nigga u gon take his shit. Y all might think I am hatin but i am just bein truthful. Come to the chi and ask an about him. Goon squad niggas been taking his shit. He has a real history og getting his chains took"

Next time lets use proper English, however, thanks for the info. Remember, keep it here for all your Urban entertainment news.

Source - Allhiphop.com


This is the dude with his chain. HA. What a punk.