My Daily Rant - 8.26.08 - Jay Ruining his Legacy?

^^^Is this the Jay we miss? Or the Jay we are supposed to miss?

I was on XXL mag this morning perusing the stories like I do on a daily basis. I read an interesting post discussing how Jay Z is ruining his legacy by coming out with more articles after saying he would retire.

Read the article here.

Although what he said made perfect sense, I do not think that he is tarnishing his legacy. He recalls examples from Jordan which made people dislike the fact that he was back. When Jordan came onto the Wizards, he was a disappointment and he was obviously trying to sell tickets to a team he had ownership in.

Essentially Jay can be seen doing the same thing. Jay Z runs Def Jam. Hip Hop sales as whole are down. Miley Cryus has sold better than all but 3 artists that have come out with CD's this year. Hip Hop is full of one hit wonders. Come out, stir some hype up, die down, get your chain snatched.

Jay Z makes more money when Def Jam makes more money. So, if Jay Z is "The Michael Jordan of Rap" he will sell no matter what happens...correct? Michael still has tons of black people that line up outside of Footlocker with their welfare work checks ready to be signed away for cheap pieces of leather. This is what has befallen us. this is what we are forced to deal with and listen too. This is why Jay Z is coming out with the Blueprint 3.

To make money.

If we look at it by using numbers, Jay Z's last performance American Gangster, sold about 800k in its first week. That is astounding. Jay Z will probably do more than that this time around. Why? Because he is still on top.

You also have to remember that Jay Z is not selling to the Hip Hop Heads. He is selling to the people like my friend Ally that admit that they listen to really bad rap. Not saying that he will come out with bad rap, but subpar rap. The people that hear Jay Z! and buy it instantly. The people that buy the Jordan's just for the jumpman logo. So is Jay Z tarnishing is legacy? Probably. But is he making money with it?


Is that not the thing that drives all of us anyway? Do you think Hov even loves rap anymore? How can you?

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