Stumbled On: Master P to Start New Television Channel

Yes you read that right. Master P P Miller is going to start a new television network with a variety of shows from scripted to unscripted. P Miller is going to launch the channel in 2009 and it will cater to all ages.

Here is a list of some shows to be on the channel...

* "Sunset and Vine": Video show hosted by Vyshonn Miller and Brittany Phillips that will showcase the top hip-hop and R&B acts as well as play classic videos.

* "One Shot Comedy Show": Comedy show hosted by Gary Johnson (a.k.a. G-Thing) featuring established and upcoming comedians.

* "Gee Gee the Giraffe": Children's educational show (will air Saturday morning on BBTV Kids).

* "Manage Your Money": Featuring financially successful people lending tips to promote financial literacy.

* "Close to the Starz": A behind-the-scenes show that takes the viewers up close and personal to their favorite celebrities.

* "Karma TV Show": Bilingual soap opera with an African-American and Latino cast.

* "What's Cooking TV Show": Talk show that covers wide aspects of entertainment and current events while cooking healthy, budget-conscious meals.

* "The Black List Movies": Film showcase featuring classic and contemporary movies, as well as original BBTV productions.

* "Hip-Hop Garage Show": Saturday show that will play new and upcoming music.

Now P Miller will be running it and he is not planning on fighting MTV or BET and he actually calls Bob "Uncle Tom" Johnson a mentor to him.

“I remember him telling me back in the day that if you wanted to know real estate, you’ve got to hang out with real estate investors,” Miller explicates. “If you wanted to know sports, you’ve got to hang out with athletes. I wanted to know TV, so I hung out with Bob and learned the TV game from one of the best in the business.”

As stated before, the channel will launch in 2009 and will probably fail in 2010 due to Master P's TERRIBLE management skills. Maybe him and his dirty sanchez mustache having son will do fine somewhere else.