Stumbled On: M.I.A Terrorist Allegations...What the fuck?

Remember all she wants to do is *bang bang bang bang* chu-ching and take your money.
From loyal reader Mike H.
This video is NSFW. As in it is pretty gruesome. Don't lose your shit over it.

Watch the video. Apparently the rapper DeLon released a video earlier this week accusing M.I.A of being related to a terrorist organization in Sri Lanka. Now we already know about M.I.A's bummy freedom fighter style which apparently makes tons of people want to be her. Shoot, people want to be me.

Long story.

Anyway's the allegation says that M.I.A is putting signs to the Sri Lankan(sp?) terrorist group called LTTE. This group does not play and is one of the most dangerous terrorist groups in the world.

I knew Mrs. Crackhead was serious. Apparently her "street cred" is legit. Now we already know that M.I.A was just gaining popularity here and this might be a huge DEAL to her popularity.

Who knew M.I.A would actually take my monaaay?

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