Music Info: Rapper MC Breed on Life Support

Rapper Mc Breed from Michigan is in need of a kidney and is on life support.  The rapper was playing a game of pick up basketball and collapsed and fell unconscious.  His manager is contacting a number of rappers in order for a benefit concert that can help procure money for a kidney or to probably forward him to the front of the list.

I do not want to be callous, but I am going to be real.  Mc Breed might not get this kidney becasue he is/was not popular enough and is not relevant at all anymore.  If he was popular he would have had the kidney already due to the corruption in the system.  Mc Breed was almost unknown to me untill I read this when I remembered his song, "Gotta Get Mines".  

Depressing.  If anyone has any information or wants to help contact his manager at this email - >>>Vanglorious61@yahoo.com

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Jay | Crazy Vibe said...

Mc Breed gets mad respect. He had a hit called, "Aint No Future In Yo' Frontin'" which was much bigger than "Gotta Get Mines".