Nignorance: Diddy Says John McCain is "Bugging the f*ck out over VP choice"

Shut up Diddy. The amount of ignorance that you displayed in this video astounds me to the realization that you, Mr Vote or Die, do not know the facts WHATSOEVER in this election. You, Diddy, are acting like everyone else is. Barack is black, lets vote for him.

Yes, that is a monumental thing, but I thought we moved passed that. I though we could look at this race objectively and sway away from the negative racial issues surrounding the campaign. I thought we could come together to elect the person that is right for the country. Diddy, you are making this hard to do.

Diddy you are inadvertently hurting the man's campaign with these stupid video blogs. It is obvious Barack has the black vote, but what about the white vote? What about the pseudo conservatives that are on the line between McCain and Obama? What about those people? They see this video, they see this picture, they see those commercials and they are made afraid of Obama.

Hip Hop's support of Obama is a blessing. That is very true, but the support is being dispropotionately thrown to the racial side of the election. Diddy, why do you not speak on his policies? Why do you not speak on cementing what "change" really means? Why can you not speak on the strategic choice of Sarah Palin? Nope, not at all. You have to further degrade black communities and say that since there are no black people in Alaska (which there are my well versed friend and NO CRACKHEADS might I add because every black community has a share of those) she cannot be worth being the VP?

Yes everything Diddy is saying is true. I live in a predominately black suburban neighborhood and the local crackhead is who has a majority of my things, such as my bikes, my broken stereo etc. Since Sarah Palin cannot relate to that, she cannot be VP.

O yea, let us remember, Barack Obama is from Hawaii. Tons of black people there. They swim over there too. Yea. Swimming blacks. Astounded yet?

Rap might be hurting the election and that is sad.

Very Sad.

And Diddy, please do not get it twisted. Yes we are a very important vote, but the Hispanic vote is WAY more important at this time in history.

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