Nignorance: Obama Joins The Roc

Found this over at Yahdigg. I cannot begin to talk about the nignorance in this picture. If this picture gets huge enough, it could screw with a lot of simple minded white people's minds. You do not believe me? If that commercial about Barack being a celebrity was able to work, then what is going to stop this picture of making innocent Caucasians think he is some chain wearing thug?

No one will believe that this is just a Roc add. No one will even know. Now I see why they are telling Obama to stay away from rappers. Tarnishing his legacy.


Anonymous said...

"just a roc ad"???? you do realize that's a photoshopped pic of jay's volume 3 the life and times of s. carter.


Jacques Morel : The Experience said...

Of course I know that was it, but it leads to a much larger problem.