Stumbled On: The Funniest Rap Battle Ever

The real funny thing about this video is that, black carrot top actually thought some of his rhymes were nice.  It was evident that all of his rhymes were completely prewritten, his flow reminded me of Webbie, and I could not pay attention to his rhymes so well because I was trying to see where his hair would end up.

Revanon on the other hand, I have no idea who this dude is, however, it was the funniest and most humiliating disses I have ever heard.  It was completely off of the top, nothing was staged, and I was kept entertained.  

Someone send me more of Revanon's stuff.  Please I dare you.

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Word said...

That shit was hilarious.

The Eli Porter battle is still the greatest battle ever though IMO. Eli is a legend, I named my cat after him.