Stumbled On: Pharell Making fun of Busta Rhymes

A few things to notice about this video.

Pharell is hilarious.

The kid next to Premier touches his face about 20+ times in the video and salivates as his looks at Premier.

The kid copies Pharells every move.

The video groupies are obviously evident and they are just chilling.

This will not be the last time you see Cons on this blog...you might see me in a video with him actually...


Distrakt said...

Some cool dudes and dope beatmakers.
If you like normal today rappers, you’ll hate me.

Jacques Morel : The Experience said...

distrakt...what kind of rapper are you?

I just watched your video and I am tripping out watching it, but the ryhmes are not that bad...got anything else for me?

Distrakt said...

peace! to answer your question.... just a normal dude that falls back and create whatever is on my mind.

I do got some more coming real soon. I like your blog page fam.