Stumbled On: Tyga has a new chain, O yea he "eats" money


Earlier this week I posted a video talking about how Tyga, the tattooed up punk, got his chain stolen by some people trying to get signed through the exposure.  Tyga released this video talkin about how it "made no sense" to rob him of his chain because he could easily buy another one.  That is pretty cool.

O yea, did I also mention tha the eats money in this video?

Yea you read it write.  He eats money the dirtiest thing ever.  Touched by many many many people at a time only to be passed on to the next person.  Tyga tries to tell us that he is so rich, that he can eat his money.  

I thought people used to burn money to show that?  I really thought that.  That is pretty impressive by how stupid this whole thing is.  

The funniest thing about the video is how he takes the money out of his mouth.  Yea, watch the "cut" in the video and you see his mouth magically empty.  This is not some porno Tyga.  We know you did not swallow.