Music Info: If Prince Made "Love Lockdown" No One Would Complain

*EDIT* this stems from a thread I was sent on Sohh
Kanye West gets a lot of hate. People love to do that because it is entertaining and keeps you busy when you are surfing the Internet for a few hours. Instead of doing something worthwhile, meaningful, or helpful to the community, people hate. This is understandable. Now this desire to bring down a successful artist due to misplaced hate is overwhelming when it comes to Kanye West. People hate his new song. "Love Lockdown" was described in an email to me as "his worst single ever". I have a question for you people...What if Prince made this song?

Yes Prince.

The most flamboyant kinda gay but you do not know if he is gay or not, black man there is. If Prince made this song, no one would complain. Everyone would continue to go on with their business or praise how good of a song it is.

People forget how many weird, out of left field, wtf songs Prince has made. "Purple Rain"..."Strange Relationship"? No hate.

People call Kanye West flamboyant and "gay" however...no one knows if Prince is gay or not. Personally I do not think he is, shoot, he probably slept with someone I know personally. However, Prince could sleep with a man and be considered perfectly straight by the already homophobic society we call Hip Hop.

If Prince made Love Lockdown...with the vocoder and everything...and wore a skirt to perform the song...no one would complain. Everyone would sit there and talk about how great it is. Stop this bigotry.


Anonymous said...

thats the most moronic argument ever... prince is not a rapper who rapped his way to the top

Anonymous said...

Of course no one would complain, because Prince isn't a rapper, dumbfuck. Heres an idea though, take Kanye's nuts out ya mouth and maybe you'll think of a better argument next time.

Jacques Morel : The Experience said...

But look at it this way...if Prince were to rap no one would complain either.

Kanye is no where near the top BTW.

And just because I like the song does not make me a Kanye rider.

Finanshall said...

The hate stems from the simple fact, that people are zombies in a way they can't just embrace some new-level shit as it goes. They gotta be force-fed this, and someday they'll stop biting it and gon start liking it.

But really, the Prince argument is way too ridiculous. How did you even come to think this way, comparing Kanye & Prince? It's like comparing a plumber with a carpenter - seems like they do the same shit, but they differ like Hell & Heaven.

I think Kanye's just switched to dat new new shit, the haters gon have to follow or fall off.

Jacques Morel : The Experience said...

It was a realization I came too when I took into account Kanye's flamboyancy combined with his nack for wierd songs and weird things.

Thanks for an actually IMPORTANT comment though

Anonymous said...

This shouldn't be an argument. Kanye West wasn't this kind of artist before. It's cool that he's trying new shit, but the "transformation" or crossover between this pop shit from rap that he's doing now, was WAY too fast for the fans to adapt to.

As for myself I don't like the song.

Erin ;] said...

i love the song. but he needs to stop with those glasses bc he looks like a molester. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Its not about hating or being zombies... its hilarious the argument people use that its 'something new' and we cant embrace it... tell me whats 'new' about it... hes using AUTOTUNE on every song on the album and possibly singing on alot of it. Now I dare you to say hes being 'original' again when kanye has blatantly jumped on the bandwagon. I used to be a Kanye fan because he WAS original now its clear he just follows trends to stay hot.

Jacques Morel : The Experience said...

Its a vocoder BTW..

But I think that this is perfectly fine. Kanye Has enough core fans to take the hit and possibly gain more fans with this version of pseudo R&B. Essentially what Kanye is doing here is just capitalizing on something that works.

Now that is what every artist has to do to stay relevant...follow the trend...however, this is following the trend based on a VOVODER standpoint...however, when it comes to actually rapping and not rapping ne more for this...w.e its called...

thats different.

Thanks for the opinion though

Cantgetright4t said...

how bout letting everyone know you stole this from sohh.com forums?


step your blogging up and be original.

Jacques Morel : The Experience said...

How about you actually check that it says that it stems form a topic on a forum.

How about you step your reading game up.

I am surprised you were even able to write that comment.,