A Day In The Life: Show Last Night @ SOBS's

Yesterday I made the trek to Varick St. to go to the show at SOB's that All Hip Hop was sponsoring. Met up with my friends in Esso, Skyzoo, Charles Hamilton etc. The show itself was the same like every other show that I end up traveling too in the dead of the night. Funny thing about the whole thing is, I realized that is very repetitive.

I say that becasue I notcied that everyone in the Media room jocks on Charles Hamilton's manager or Skyzoo's manager (he was not in attendance, but I am proving a point.) Not only that, they act crazy on camera so they can email it to my blog or other blogs.

Some notable performances of the night was definately Torae's and Skyzoo's, Charles Hamilton on the keyboard? Believe it; Esso killed it regardless of being the last act. (I am wearing the Young and Ignorant shirt right now). Moving past that, Joell took the house down.

Under this are some videos from the night. Enjoy. Time to get on my blogging stuff. Also, my opinions cartel? It is going to happen. Whats up to LooseNeck.com