New Music: Charles Hamilton - "Verbal Vicodin"

Is that "Message in a Bottle" I hear? Wow what a sample.

Charles is seriously a force. Although I understand what people are saying with him being corny and I even say the same thing sometimes, the dudes sound is just amazing. This beat is amazing. A few things...

  • Charles Hamilton may be the future...of this blog site. Yes, the dude that gets over 10k plays a day on his MySpace...loves me.
  • The Chorus makes sense to the songs name. "Just chillen, I swear I'm just chillen"
  • His flow can only be equated to water on this. Although his breath control needs some work...it works...kinda.
  • "I Got no rhytm but I am gifted with music...so I ain't going no where I'm never movin"
  • The song is so good. I am sitting in my computer lab rocking out to this.
  • DOWNLOAD IT HERE. Or stream it for the people that are viewing this in class as we speak.

1 Comment:

Jessica said...

I love it tooo. I'm supposed to have an interview with him, should be very interesting if u remember the All Hip Hop Show. Check it out at looseneck.com