New Music: Cory Gunz Feat T-Pain - "Gamble on Me"

Damnit Cory. I knew you had to do it. As Drea said...you have to make your money...and Cella just likes club songs regardless. O well. I am not happy about this. I do not want to say this. But...

But I actually like this club song. No, not because I am a mindless Cory Gunz supporter it is an actually decent club song.

I hurt when I say that. I hurt deep down inside. But the song is a very good song. Cory's flow is on point and the vocoder on T-Pain's voice is actually damn nice...depressing? Yes but at this point it works so well. I really need to showerchange though. Jeez.

As we speak I am listening to Heartbreak...*as we speak I am the last man alive in Gears of War waiting for the camping idiot.* *just merked the entire team. Go Me!!*


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