New Music: Jimi Hendrix: A Tribute to the Experience

If any of you pay attention to the Obits in the newspapers, you will know that the last member of the Jimi Hendrix Experience passed away last week. DJ Concept sent me this in an email today and I have to say I was touched. From someone who avidly listens to Jimi Hendrix more than enough, it is clear to say that this tape only needed to be done. From a quick surveying of the tracklisting, names like Jay Z etc stand out to me. The cover is fantastic. Remind me to get in contact with the person that created that damn thing. Here is the tracklisting and download link beneath. A review will come later tonight.

An Introduction
Star Spangled Banner
Stone Free
Gypsy Eyes
Nit N Run // prod by: J-Zone
Purple Haze
Castles Made Of Sand
Spanish Castle Music
A House Burning Down
Interlude One
Foxy Lady
Midnight Dirt f. Jay-Z
Pimp Palace Magic // prod by: J-Zone
Lover Man (Live)
Today's Encore f. Jay-Z
I Don't Live Today
Interlude Two
All Along The Watchtower
The Wind Crys Mary
Crazy Mary prod // by: J-Zone
Bold As Love
Fire (Live)