New Music: Joe Budden & Game - "Future"

The other day I posted the snippet to this song. Well the full version came out and I told you that I was excited to listen to it. I must now say...the song is dope. The beat itself is a club beat and the dude singing the chorus kills it. Plain and simple.

Joe Budden's verse comes in hard and the smoke plagued voice of his just shuts. It. Down. I love this club song. That is honestly weird for me because I do not really listen to club songs as much as people thing I do. Lets move past that.

Game's verse is not as nice as Buddens to be honest. To be honest I never though Game was good on club songs. He talks about low cars....that si true. I love lowered cars. Moving on the song is a good song. Download this.
I was emailed this so...yea!

Download Here