New Music: K Sparks - "Visual Sound"

"Visual Sound is a song that tells two stories...the first story is about a friend of mine that was sexually abused when she was younger...the second story is about an individual that contracted HIV from unprotected sex...it's a concept record that serves a purpose...check it out

Seriously...this song really was one of the best songs I have heard all week. And it has been a long week. Not even saying that sarcastically. The beat is phenomenal and the message is evident. The actual newscasts in the song add a third verse that makes you go..."Ahhh".

Really...weird I know...something knew and that is not being done by anyone else. K Sparks is actually hella nice(woop woop Cali) and I am pretty happy he sent me this song. I will actually download it compared to just listening to it on ZShare.

K Sparks - "Visual Sound"