New Music: Kanye West Feat Rick Ross - Heartless Remix

I find it funny that Rick Ross really was proven to be a CO. I really find that funny. Now I do not feel like finding the trackback link to that and placing it cleverly HERE, but if you scroll through my tags...click Rickity Ross. His verse is alright, but the actual beat is terribly instrumentled (is that a word?) up. You can tell it was just a constant loop of the actual part where Kanye was not spitting.

Come on Rickity. You need better producers if you are going to make a comeback. Don't let them cancel you like Chips, the Police Academy Series, and Family Matters.

On another note...I am getting tired of "Heartless". I know...It is a hurtful thing to say. It hurts me to say it...but "Heartless" is boring me. But, on the other hand, "Welcome to Heartbreak" is some heat rock (black lingo for you fools). So I will just listen to that instead.

I snagged this from Nah Right. No really I did.