New Music: Kid Sister Feat Esso - Get Fresh Remix

My mother is yelling at me for something...something about pulling up my pants. I am trying to be fresh....wait...that is what the song means. Ha. I will be real, as I eat this bowl of Cocoa Pebbles, I have not listened to Kid Sister...ever. And I will go on to say that I do not like her. But, I will admit that she is different than the cliche Hip Hop female rapper that must demean herself to actually be accepted. No Dicksucking for her.

Esso's verse on the other hand is crazy. The beat meshes completely with him and his music. Now that I think about it, Esso deserves more attention. I will put that on this domain. Esso deserves as much attention as rappers like Asher Roth or others. Especially with this verse here. Esso is a beast. Pay attention.

Download It HERE.

I SO stole this from Jessica.