New Music: Skyzoo Archives #27 Peter Rosenburg Freestyle

It is not really new...more kind of new...but o well.

Before I let Skyzoo speak I think we should get my opinion. Ready? Ok lets go. Skyzoo's flow is so smooth. This is a freestlye for Peter Rosenburg...who is the only DJ that ACTIVELY plays Underground Hip Hop on that station full of fuckery known as the mainstream.

The only problem with that is I feel like the beat clashes with Sky's vocals at a point, but it fleshes out towards the end. The song is outstanding. And the beat is pretty sick too. Now Skyzoo can speak.

I love when my blog is Skyzoo'd up!

So at #27, I figured i'd do something a little different. This is a freestyle I did for Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg back in 2007. For those who don't know, Rosenberg is a DOPE radio Dj up here in NYC. He's pretty much the hope that dudes like myself, Little Brother, Torae, Black Milk, Jay Electronica, etc, have to get burn on the air (for now. Tides will be changing soon tho!). He's pretty much THE DUDE. So when he first came up to Hot 97, he hit me and asked for a freestyle. I of course said "no
problem", and then he said "just make sure its on a Dilla beat". That's when I declared that Rosenberg is THE DUDE. The thing about this freestyle though, is that its REALLY a freestyle. The concept of a freestyle is starting to become ancient, and thats corny. I grew up freestyling all day, every day, every where, and most new rappers can't say the same. So I literally walked in the booth and freestyled, start to finish, one take, off the dome. I then listened to it a few times to learn it and proceeded to do the adlibs. I sent it to Pete that afternoon and he played it that same night, and then again, and again, for the next 4 Sundays. Like I said, he's THE DUDE. So once again, this is my Peter Rosenberg Freestyle from 2007 for his Hot 97 show. Enjoy. PS: the mixtape and the album are both so close to completion its scary. I promise you, the tape (The Power Of Words) is a rewind button's wet dream, and the album (The Salvation) is everything the record store shelves ISN'T. Holla