New Music: Skyzoo Archives #28 Never Sleep Prod By Illmind

Alright, I just finished sifting through the Iraqicity I call my email inbox. Currently I am working on my Cartel plans for opinionated bloggers. So with my terrible hits today...stay tune for that. Anyways, I was talking with Skyzoo yesterday and I asked him about the constant "Archives" that has been being sent to me and everyone else. He responded to me,
"Do not worry...it will be taken care of. Some new hot ish is coming soon"

So Sky I am waiting on you. You never fail to impress so do not start now. Moving on, the song itself is such a gritty but chill song. Illmind, as usual, kills the beat and the tuba's add a perfect offset to the chorus.

The popular line spoken by Nas is the chorus but when it is said by Skyzoo it feels so much more natural for some reason. Something about that dudes voice...

No homo?

Bah. The song itself is worth the download. Check it out. Check what Sky said underneath too.

Skyzoo - Never Sleep

At #28, this is "Never Sleep-2007", produced by illmind. This is a joint from my "Corner Store Classic" mixtape that I dropped in 2007. This was the last song I recorded for the tape, and to me was one of my faves. Illmind sent me this beat like 2 years prior, and I knew that I would use it at some point, so I held on to it for awhile. When I wass finishing up the tape, I felt like I needed one more "grind music" type of joint to really embody the concept of the tape, so I dug through the files and pulled this beat up, started writing, and 30 minutes later I was in the booth recording. I sent it to Illmind and he loved it, and then I threw it on the tape. "Corner Store Classic" was always planned to be a concept tape, aiming to be a soundtrack to the corner stores of America, and I feel like this song was a perfect fit for the story line. So, here it is; "Never Sleep-2007", produced by illmind. Holla. P.S: we're almost at the end of the archives series, so stay tuned for what's next...