New Music: Young Buck Feat Young Jeezy - I Got It

So do you want me to lie to you or fluff it up?

I will lie tell the truth to you.

I listened to the full song. A great song it was. I have been listening to Young Buck a lot recently ever since he was wrongly kicked off of G-Unit. Young Buck's verse is amazing and should be one of his best verses of all time. Not only that, Young Jeezy's rabid adlibs are toned down in this song and he presents an even harder verse.

I did not listen to the full song. It is a terrible song. I have not listened to Young Buck since "Bang Bang" nor have I cared too. I am glad he was kicked off of that wack group G-Unit. His verse was even worse. I listened to part of Jeezy's verse and then I swallowed a Cyanide pill. I should be dead in a few minutes.

Give me some time.

Download here while you wait for me to pass away. Jacked from Nah Right. That is my Nah Right quota of the day.