New Music:Lil Wayne Feat Game - "Red Magic"

I am posting it because it is two o'clock and I am the only one to leak it at first. A few things on this track...

*Edit* I take that back...it was already posted. Ugh. O well. Forgive me Cella and Drea!

  • The beat is repetitive. Actually borderline annoying. Ugh
  • Wayne's verse has further deteriorated into the smokey mess that it was.
  • I remember a thread on Boxden saying...yea Wayne is a Blood...but what set does he claim?
  • Wayne's verse is just his normal rambling mixed with some kind of clever lines.
  • I like Game's verse
  • "Who ya favorite rapper me and Weezy will erase them"
  • That line was not that hot, but I needed a stand out line to post any way.
  • At the end of the song...where the fuck did that chick come from?
  • Is it part of the sample? I am bugging out right now.
  • Download the song HERE.
    Props to MIKE.