Review: 808's and Heartbreak

This is what everyone has been waiting for right? The most bias review of a album ever. I will not give a rating as usual, but I will review each song.

1. Say You Will - Not as good as an album entrance as I hoped, but it works none the less. Beat is subtle with all the beeps and clicks and drums. Kanye's Vocoder is different here...not as wavy and distorted as expected. It almost feel as if it is not there...I am excited. The song is a decent and segue's into my favorite song...

2. Welcome to Heartbreak - It is almost hard to distinguish who is Kid Cudi and Kanye. That was a joke. The chorus flows so well with the beat and the oooOOOoooOOO's. In this song Kanye talks about how fame has changed his life..shit it can change mine all it wants. Damn. Song is so hard. "Welcome to Heartbreak...."

3. Heartless - Ok. So I was hooked to this song for a few weeks. Being the proper Kanye Rider I am, I loved the video and played it at every "jam" I would go to. It was almost embarrassing...almost. The song itself is not perfect yet it just feels so seamless after "Heartbreak". At this point I am fully into 808's. Something that I knew would happen..but I did not know when. Every album has that. Illmatic's breaking point was definitely "New York State of Mind". That album was...

4. Amazing - I really do not like this song. Yea...I know people do not seem like this fact at all. I was in an argument with a retard who shall remain nameless about how good this song was supposed to be. Bah.

5. Love Lockdown - OK. This was the first single and the thing that really made me raise my eyebrow to 808's
if it was going to be the album to keep my support for him. This song has become middle of the road to me. Nextttt

6.Paronoid -
The beat comes in like its something out of Nightrider. This is another song that I am not too fond of. But we will worry about that later. The beat is pretty nice though. that I will admit. Kanye is rapping here... I know its something that is almost Taboo here...Mr Hudson...who is this guy? Whoever he is...this man can sing. Very well. Now that I think of it...the beat sounds like it is something out of the 80's.

7. RoboCop - So I remember Mike S and Corey M arguing with me about how I could possibly like this song when it leaked. Let me explain. The beat sounds like something out of a video game. The lyrics are just great. And comparing an overbearing women to RoboCop is ingenious. Kick rocks if you do not like my explanation.

8. Streetlights - Ironically..I was driving around at about 2 O'clock and this song came on. It felt so perfect. Really. As I shifted and heard the slight wine of the 2.0 turbo, I could not help but feel so warm with this song playing. "So I hopped in...the Cabin..I Paid my fare...I know my destination..but I'm just not there...In the streets..." Song is great people. Play this while driving someone home. You'll love it.

9. Bad News - Kanye's voice sounded a tad strained here. But that is not something we really need to pay attention to is it? Nope. The beat is nice. I like the subtle clap and the piano that kicks in halfway through this song. At this point it just goes into a little symphony. It moves slowly as the song progresses. The beat plays and really insinuates a real vibe in the listener.

10. See you in my Nightmares - So I hate Lil Wayne. Everyone here knows that. But as we all know, I judge music by the song...not the artist. And...well I like Wayne's part in this. I like the actual song a great deal too. So you will not see me complaining.

11.Coldest Winter - I remember when this song leaked. I was not as into it as I am now. I have come to the conclusion that sound effects are making this album. The reason this album is so good is strictly out of the fact that it is so listenable. It is just a greatly put together album. The scratch in this song with the drums and...damn. Just a good album. Great piece of work.

12.Pinocchio Story - This is taken from a live performance. Nice song...just long. But I found myself listening to the entire thing and I did not even notice it was playing...Its that type of album. Something you can just vibe too.

Do not sleep on this. Cop Immediately.