Review: Kanye West - 808's & Heartbreak

This is not my review but I think it is good that I post it. Here are a few snippets and the full link is at the bottom.

Track 2 - Welcome To Heartbreak

Again it starts off dark. When I first heard the beat, it sounded like battle music. Something you’d hear in a Hollywood movie. I like the use of the paino in the track. It gives a sense of hope. I personally dont think the vocoder was needed in this particular track. Kanye’s normal voice would have been sufficent. While this track was playing, Kanye was very animated especially during the following lyrics ‘head spinning, cant keep having these visits … welcome to heartbreak’.

Already two tracks into the album and the rapper has set the tone for this album.

Track 8 - Street Lights

This track is like a monologue. Here’s Kanye is speaking to himself and looking at the world around him. ‘I know my destination … streetlights, broadway’. It seems at this point of the album, he has finally found his way past all the hearbreak and anger. The use of the guitar definately helps the track. The vocoder is also used less in this track. He’s come to a realisation. The arrangment of the strings and guitar helps the track to have a sense of upliftment and hope. The track ends ‘ I know my destination but I’m not in the streets’. That line is repeated until ‘life’s just not fair’.

There’s been alot of talk about Kanye. His dress sense, his musical sound. I think he’s making a statement, a statement that he’s not looking back at the streets, that he’s now found his place at this stage of his career. He’s now a megastar and this track is that realisation.

Track 10 - See You In My Nightmares ft Lil Wayne

As soon as I heard this track, I thought of DJ Khaled, I was almost waiting for ‘We The Best’, I have no idea why. This is a track that features Lil Wayne. There’s no rapping on this track by Wayne, he just sings with the vocoder.

Hearing this track, it seemed like a statement. Lyrics like ‘letting you know’, ‘you do you, I’ma be fine’, ‘after tonight, there’s no turning back’. The statement I saw was two artists at the top of their game saying that they will make the music they want, telling haters ‘you do you, while I’ll do me’. ‘You can hate but ‘ima be fine’.

There’s more aggression in this track from Kanye. Its almost like he’s venting his frustration at the hate, fighting back with his talent. Again I love the string arrangement, its sweeping and definately adds depth to the song.

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