Stumbled On: Asher Roth Messing around at USC

So since I have the next 15 minutes to myself, I will blog freely. I have worked err 36/48 hours of the past two days so I do not even want to hear complaints from you people. (btw email me @ JacquesMorel08@gmail.com). Moving on, Asher Roth is seen here...having fun. Doing something that is not seen by any other rapper trying to stay G'D up to all hell on their videos.

You know why the G'd up messageboard posters hate on him so much? Because they are afraid of him. Instead of smacking some girl or "pushing" weight, he is running away from public safety on Segways. Instead of smoking blunts, he is walking around his school. Shoot he is going to school in the first. wait...wtf? really?.

Kick rocks people. Jeez.
Thanks to Meka from 2DB

The party I just went to...was crashed. Not by the police...but by the girls parents. Ugh. I was dropping game on this one chick andalskdjflksadjfasdf.