Stumbled On: Music Video made with only 42$

Ridin' - Music Video from Taylor Engel on Vimeo.

As everyone here knows I am all about the Indie kid and the person trying something new. Well the above video is definately something new. It was created for 42$. It has no scantily clad women. It actually looks nice. It has even better camera action. And it was shot in one take. It has no stupid snippets of the video...nor no stupid previews...nor even even dumber name calling before the video. Jim Jones has not jacked it yet...No "kinda gay" pop champagne references...no one from Dipset at all

No curses are in the song.

The song itself is actually pretty nice considering that, as far as I know, was not done by a notable artist. So, Cella and Drea...watch this video.

I am still baffled at the fact that it took only ONE take to do this video. That is something epic right there.

Here are the credits for the video...they are from the University of South Carolina

“This is a one take, no cuts music video made with a budget of $42 by a group of students at the University of South Carlina.
Directed/(not)Edited By
Taylor Engel”

Concept By
Taylor and Blake Engel

Produced By
Dale Fagan

Jonathan Bouknight
Josh Bishop

Steadicam / Camera Operator
Josh Bishop

Production Deigner
Christine Stahr

Line Producer
Dale Fagan

First Assistant Director
Andrew Stepp

Second Assistant Director
Daniel McCarter

Christine Stahr

Costumer / Make-Up
Christine Stahr

Video Assist / P2 Workflow / Assistant Editor
Andrew Stepp

Andrew Barton
Dale Fagan
Daniel McCarter
Christine Stahr
Andrew Stepp

Production Assistants
Matthew Fitzpatrick
Jerell Lewis
Adrian Westandorph

Jan Stahr

Technical Consultant
Frost Wilkinson

Desiree Murphy
Jessica Todd
Hillary Zondlak

Young Righchus
Max Berry
Ethan Engel
Lashaunda Grant
Tiffany Greer
Carl Rivers Jr.
Nicole Lee
Jerell Lewis
Caitlin McNamara
Britney Orr
Jermaine Pickney
Christine Stahr
Alli Smith

Location provided by
Joe Jacobson
The Warehouse

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ZJalldaway said...

haha damnnnnnn this is really dope! how do you do that in one take???