Stumbled On: Woa...That is Suspect

As we all know I peruse messageboards often. Maybe too much. This stems from a thread I found on Boxden calling out Boxdenites to post "suspect" pictures. This is a collection of what I found. Beware of what lurks under this writing. I warned you. Believe me I did.

The video at the top is about the Boondocks discussing the underlying homosexual mentality in Hip Hop. Homies over Hoes.

I want to say something before this gets started. I have no problem with Homosexuality. Frankly, I believe Hip Hop is too homophobic for its own good. You will never see T.I. doing what Justin Timberlake did.

I rest my case. Continue with this.

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CHillZ said...

this was too funny ... excellent observation bro ... im gonna make this our handshake (the hommie) lmao ... jk jk ...