Stumbled On:Common Blogs now?

This is good. I think it is great that he is blogging now and gives us something new to read rather than the constant drab of Kanye's ghostwriters But, when it is Kanye that posts...it is pretty sick none the less. However...what if Marcus Troy has a hand in this one too? Hmm?

Think about that...because we all know that Marcus has a hand in the blogs..this was a huge controversy over that last summer. I do not feel like posting the link because I have to go and find the damn thing.

Finally...what is Common going to blog about though? That is the ONE thing I am baffled about? He can go the Kanye direction..but then again it is the Kanye direction. Charles Hamilton's blog is more personal and that makes sense too...

For the first of many...found this on www.thinkcommon.com