Back to something I care about. My boy Fashawn started following me on Twitter (and you should too click here for my Twitter) and ever since then he has been getting constant rotation in my Windows Media Player Fuck ITunes. The song features Fashawn on the first verse, Richie Cunning on the second, and U-N-I on the third.

Fashawn's verse and voice was nice as hell. Went kind of quick for me, but then again, it is 430 and I am still up. How do you expect me to pay attention? Cunning's verse was actually decent and he managed to get me to google his name. That is tough now a days. Normally I do not care for people at all and while sifting all the crap that is sent to me sometimes, you get immune to being into someone knew.

I am not really a fan of U-N-I. I mean, they are cool...but just not a fan.

O well. Download HERE.

Jacked this from 2DopeBoyz...but then again...New York is wayyyy better than LA anyday.

That is a picture of Richie btwubs...