Back When I was Young: T.R.O.Y Police State Compilation

Before I head to sleep, I have to post this old school Police State Compilation from the T.R.O.Y Blog. When it comes to getting some crazy old school stuff...I always hit them up first. This compilation is all songs that have to do with the Police...some good songs on there from NWA...Shyheim...Mobb Deep...and Dr Dre and Snoop.

I have most of these songs; as should you if you are a proper rap listener. This is a must download for any Hip Hop heads out there reading this blog.

Idiots...here is the track list...

N.W.A. "Fuck The Police"
Hard Knocks "A Dirty Cop Named Harry"
X-Clan "F.T.P."
The Coup "I Know You"
Kingpin Skinny Pimp "Damn Police"
Ice Cube "Ghetto Bird"
Crusaders For Real Hip Hop "Police Brutality"
Paris "Coffee, Donuts, And Death"
LL Cool J "Illegal Search"
Jay Dee "Fuck The Police"
Non-Phixion "How To Kill A Cop"
Pharcyde "Officer"
D2E Posse "Police Brutality"
Cypress Hill "Pigz"
Mobb Deep "Cop Hell" (DJ Premier Remix)
Brokin English Klik "Who's Da Gangsta?"
Prince Paul ft. Everlast "Men In Blue"
Dr. Dre Introducing Snoop Dogg "Deep Cover"
Main Source "Just A Friendly Game Of Baseball"
Strictly Roots "Duck Da Boys"
Shyheim "Jiggy Comin'"
Blahzay Blahzay "Good Cop/Bad Cop"
Brand Nubian "Black And Blue"
Jeru The Damaja "Invasion"
Herb McGruff "East And Police"
O.C. "Constables"
Blackstract "40G's And A 9"
KRS-One "Sound Of Da Police"



Indy said...

You hit'em with the Carl Winslow! Shout out to Laura. Lol

Jacques Morel : The Experience said...

Lol...TROY had the dude from the Simpsons