Blogging Blitz 2 of 3: GTC - "Grind Till I Get It"

This is the second song sent to me on my Daily Twitter Blogging Blitz.  Lets get into it.  I will do my "few things" method for this song.

  • Beat is sick.  Nothing to say about that one here.  Who produced this?  I want to give them kudos.
  • The sound quality is fantastic.  Whoever mixed it is someone that deserves that paycheck.
  • Now to the flow and lyrics.....
  • To be honest.. I am not a fan of the flow to much.  I think it probably has something to do with the "Southern" aspect that I am not really a fan of.  Combined with that, it just comes off as very fragmented.
  • It does not mesh with the beat as well as you think it could.  At times he seemed like he was off of the snare and that is a nono.
  • The lyrics are just normal lyrics.  Nothing special.  I am looking for something special.  I am looking for someone to wow me.  Sorry Sean, you are cool...but you did not wow me here.
  • I want something extremely lyrical and he could not get that for me.  
  • He talked a little too much at the end.  
  • This is a complete NY Bias...so thats just what happens? *shrugs*
But I do feel yea good sometimes.  That was funny towards the end.  

Over all it is...eh.  Give it a stream and see what you think.

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Sean Beauford said...

The artist is GTC, not Sean Beauford.