Blogging Blitz 3 of 3 - Kounty Boyz - "Get Lost Money"

And finally for the last song sent to me, it is Kounty Boyz.  

I Do not like the beat to much.  It needs a little harder hitting 808.  Something that would be bumping.  Essentially that is what this is being made for...to be bumped...as hard as you possibly can...in someones trunk right?  

The actual lyrics are just...eh.  To be completely honest it leaves a lot to be desired and I feel that they are repitive relative to every other rap thing that has come out this year.  Talking about getting money etc...I was honestly expecting some crazy interesting stuff.

The flow is alright.  It is that usual Southern drawl flow with the smooth and abrupt stops.  It is something that I have grown to understand and anticipate when I listen to this music.  The chorus is catchy and I can find myself saying "Get Lost Money".  O well.  Moving on though...nothing thought provoking about this.  No clever metaphors, similes...etc.

Tell me what you think.  I thought it could have been better...but that is just me.

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kounty said...

Check out the video for this song.