A Day In the Life: A Blast of the crap that I am doing right now

  • Currently my roommate is passed out and I am listening to Pink Lavalamp which I do not think is as nice as his other tapes.
  • I am trying to think of the #9 Girl to post my love too and get this whole thing over with. Hmm...Scarlett Johansen? I think she is #9.
  • I just went crazy on Twitter posting like a damn madman and following everyone. Follow me on TWITTER!
  • I had a conversation with my boy Manny today about branding myself...I do not know what makes me unique...but the fact that I am undeniably handsome and tall girls love me.
  • My roommate just snorted. Ha.
  • I have listened to Kid Cudi & Fashawn - "Day N Nite" over 10x just now. Why? I have no damn idea.
  • Bahhhh and Marcella is calling me right now telling me to meet her in Soho.
  • Finally, I think I received an A on my Themes of Revenge Tragedy Final...Holla At Me.
  • And this Rayman Hat > More stylish than anything you have ever worn.
  • *Edit* and my brother just beat some kid 8-4 in a wrestle-off. Get em Phillip!