A Day In The Life: Its Good!

That IS Cl Smooth Ladies and Gentleman.  Google that legend.

I am currently rocking out to the new Coldplay album which I decided to just go out and BUY because some of you people did not send it to me! Especially on Twitter...where my tweets reign supreme.

Its great being cocky as hell for no reason..

Had some conversations with Ronin last night about my mixtape but you do not know about that yet... If everything goes according to plan...we could have something classic on our hands...I just need a name got it...and now I am about to hit up Exel for some info too.

Also, I am waiting for the snow storm to come down...I have to head to Queens too...ugh that is that bullshit.

Finally, I am about to unveil the number one on my top 10 list...I cannot wait for that.

How is my life doing? My life is great. Better than it was a few months ago for sure...people love me, I love them...and that is all we need right now. Let us get started.

Also, shout outs to my dudes Skyzoo and Donny Goines and Emilio Rojas. These rappers have honestly helped me so much it is ridiculous. And especially my boy Josh. With out him none of this would even be possible.

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Ms.Brennin-Morel said...

Your are forgetting someone... i deserve my own gotdamn post. picture and all.