Its The Real: Brooklyn Go Hard

A Message from the Brooklyn Tourism Board from jeff on Vimeo.
So for anyone that has been sleeping under a rock for the past week, Jay Z came out with a new song with a bullshit form of M.I.A on it. The song itself featured Jay Z's deteriorated flow combined with the annoyance of SantoGold's voice. Now, my friends from Its The Real have took this to heart and decided to talk about why Brooklyn goes hard...

From Williamsburg. The place where all the Hipsters in the world reside...with those stupid scarfs. Yea.

The video itself is dope. Something that should definitely be watched by all the Hipsters and people that only read 1/4 posts on this blog.



Jessica said...
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Jessica said...

The funny thing is, I saw a play about Williamsburg this weekend gettin on all the hipsters and stuff. Really funny play called "Taking Over." But what do you mean "annoyance of Santogold's voice" I think she is amazingggg!
For a review of the play head over to LooseNeck.com!!!

Jacques Morel : The Experience said...

Eww Jess! I just do not like her voice. It sounds like M.I.A's and I hated her voice too. It works hand in hand.