Its The Real: My Dog Earl

My Dog Earl from jeff on Vimeo

I guess we might as well get started. Currently I am mrunning through people on some Midday Gears of War and typing up my Christmas list. Do you not notice that as you get older you forget what you want? Or is that just me? Normally I am all for just telling them to get me something, this high GPA of mine...

Moving on, this is a video talking about the ruined lives of both DMX AND Scott Storch. DMX just continues to have the stupidest life ever, combined with Storch getting completely turned out by Lil Kim's sausage esk vagina.

The video is not as funny as the past ItsTheReal videos I have posted...so I will be honest and say it is not something that I would willingly watch again, however, maybe you might get a laugh out of it.

HAMMERBURST ALL DAY BABY! Back to Gears...the battles there are more exciting than some Soulja Boy ANYDAY