Music Info: The Charles Hamilton Soulja Boy Beef is a Fake.

The Charles Hamilton vs Soulja Boy Beef is fake.

I am not oblivious to the Internet scene.  Charles Hamilton was interviewed saying that "Soulja Boy made it harder for people like him to succeed."  Apparently, no one takes his Sonic stuff, which he takes to the heart, seriously.  Charles Hamilton says that Soulja Boy made it a joke.  Etc etc etc.

I know why Charles Hamilton, who is on Interscope, got at Soulja Boy, who is also on Interscope.  It is stupid to "diss" someone on the same label as you; especially a platinum selling rapper...who is worth more than you.  Not to be a negative Nancy, however it is true.  Soulja Boy is a business genius.  We can sit here for days and banter about how he "ruined" rap, but in the end, he has more money than the average rapper should.  

Lets get back to Charles getting at Soulja Boy...Personally, and from a sampling of a lot of other people, I am varied to Charles' sound.  I like him personally but I am not the largest fan of his music.  I listen to it sparingly and besides a few songs, its not constantly spun on my Zune.  I do not think that his sound can catch that well in other parts of the country.  However, if you can do it in New York...you can do it anywhere right?  


Look at it this way, down south, he may not be getting played on the radio (this is not concrete proof.  Do not shoot me).  Now, Soulja Boy and his cronies are frequently played on those stations.  People watching Soulja Boy's videos on YouTube...are from all around the country.  They are not mostly "Hip Hop Heads" because we, as Hip Hop Heads, do not listen to that nignorant shit.  However, the average person who likes Soulja Boy does.  

Charles dissing Soulja Boy and getting a response on Soulja Boys YouTube video...gives Charles more fans.  It allows those people who are not "Hip Hop Heads" to Google Charles.  It allows those people down South...to download the Pink Lava lamp for free.  It allows them to download Intervention.  It allows people to search through the blogs for him...because..if he dissed someone they know and love...they must know who he is right?  Look at it this way.  The video on WSHH Alone received over 600k views.  Lets say 10% of them did not know who he was...and Googled Charles Hamilton.  60k.  Now, lets say half of them liked him...that's over 30k new listeners for Charles.  So, unintentionally or intentionally, Charles just increased his listener base exponentially.  He just made waves in the Internet.  He just created his own hype. 

Another perspective is...look at it...Interscope is known for that.

Think about it.  It all makes sense.  The beef is fake people.  Drop a comment...tell me what you think.


Teddybear Sr. said...

all this rap beef is fake. Charles did speak out of turn tho...

Jacques Morel : The Experience said...

That is very true but still...this is VERY fake. Why would they diss each other...on their OWN labels?

kounty said...

Maybe Charles said what he felt. Soulja Boy makes it hard for him to do his thing. Both of them cant hold a candle to the Kounty Boyz. Soulja Boy Stop telling people how to dance, make a song they wanna dance to. Check out real Hip Hop at www.mogulus.com/kountyboyztv or www.myspace.com/dkoozy

Soulja Boy=Garbage

CHillZ said...

^^ its not about who's garbage or who's lyrically gifted (that part is obvious): take a step outside of the musical/lyrical content of these two individuals and look at the situation with a business saavy perspective. In light of Soulja boys expected album and Charles' ever increasing fanbase, it would make perfect sense to hit two birds with one stone. In other words, beef within the label, which to any normal person would make absolutely NO SENSE UNLESS ... there was a purpose behind it. In the end all the money comes back to Interscope, both artists break bread and front like their bumpin heads

Harris said...

Jacques Morel, you are the most ambitious young man I have met in a while.

Jacques Morel : The Experience said...

But, Charles is commiting career suicide here...like. He does not understand that this is going to make him look so fucking stupid